Duck in Mozambique

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“I am a charity ducky. 

While doing a charity race down the Thames near the Putney Bridge in London I set flight (because someone told me I am not a chicken, I am a duck and ducks fly).

My Racing number is 2343. I knew there was more to life then just floating down the river Thames, I wanted to discover the world and continue my work as a charity duck as

I have been travelling the world ever since that fateful day when I believed I was a duck not just a duck but oneluckyrubberducky. I have made loads of friends on my Adventures around the globe and been to the most interesting and bizarre places.

A little bird said I was plucked from the Thames by an English Army officer, Infantry Battalion, of who I believe was on his way to Afghanistan.

Since he was the one that put me in the right hands and introduced me to the right people I was able to set flight on a flight with the big red Kangaroo across the world to Australia where I think my relations were brought as convicts nearly 200 hundred years ago.  

I am now constantly travelling around the globe so follow me and enjoy the adventures of oneluckyrubberducky……Woo Hoo!”

What's that Skip?  Duck's gone where...?

Duck in Afghanistan
Riding the 'chook' in Afghanistan
Duck chilling in Croatia
Chilling in Croatia
Duck on safari
On safari in South Africa
Too much vodka Duck
Hot air ballooning in Austria