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MudMaps 4WD Personalized Wilderness Tours of Australia


Explore the 'The Man From Snowy River' country & Australia's largest national park system

WSM4 tour

Wilderness Sydney to Melbourne Tour

Immerse yourself with MudMaps® in Australia's Man From Snowy River country

WMS4 tour

Wilderness Melbourne to Sydney Tour

Outback wildlife awaits you in the largest national park system in Australia

WCM3 tour

Wilderness Canberra to Melbourne Tour

3 days travelling in the high country with MudMaps® exploring the Australian Alps

WMC3 tour

Wilderness Melbourne to Canberra Tour

From the Snowy River to the Capital with MudMaps® you'll discover what makes Australia tick


'mud map'

MudMaps is named after the Australian term 'mud map '.  Read more about a mud map here